About 29 Roots Inc.

29 Roots Inc. is a grassroots organization working to impact as many individuals as possible throughout the globe using the following pillars.


The Networking phase of this pillar helps define the overall compass of systematic relationships. Our services depend on the types of partnerships we make in order to successfully reach our goals and expectations for youth development. It is important to 29 Roots Youth Employment Services to create accurate, strategic, meaningful outcomes pertaining to network relationships.


The Programming pillar is a crucial piece of the 29 Roots algorithm/system. This pillar is designed to attract a variety of strategic components that will optimize our success. Our programming capabilities also create youth development, safe learning environments and marketable skills training.


Mentoring is the final pillar. We are determined to change the city/youth outlook for youth facing barriers. The leading principle factor behind mentoring is to lead youth to equal access and opportunity within Canadian labour markets. In addition, 29 Roots youth Employment Services intends to impact youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

A Message from Our President

With economic challenges on the horizon we are building a platform where youth will have the ability for equal inclusion and equitable job opportunities across Canada.

I believe that teaching young people how to build sustainable wealth that is honestly earned through the development of skills and focus, we can shape a future built on integrity vs entitlement.

Michael Laidley


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