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An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.

Our Pillars

A workforce provider dedicated to community social change. Here are our pillars that are at the center and core of our operations. We strive to uphold these pillars every step of the way.

Workforce Employment Preparation Training Programs

The Networking phase at 29 Roots is essential for building strategic partnerships that drive youth development. Our success relies on these relationships to meet goals and expectations. We prioritize creating accurate, strategic, and meaningful outcomes through these connections to enhance our services and impact.

Employer to Employee Engagement

The Programming pillar at 29 Roots is vital for attracting strategic components to optimize success. It focuses on youth development, providing safe learning environments and marketable skills training, ensuring comprehensive growth and preparedness for the labor market.

Youth Services

Our purpose as an institutional employment service. Is concrete occupation solution planning? Preparing youth job seekers who face multiple barriers to employment. With quality workforce development employment training. alongside career development and long-term mentoring.

“Toronto is one of Canadas most diverse cities. As an organization, we aim to contribute to the economic solution rather than the problem. We strive to offer concrete plans for employee integration and position Toronto to achieve even greater heights.”

- Michael Laidley




Our frist employment training pilot program, in partnership with 3x Consulting, registered ten youths aged 16 to 29. The project was a success.


The organizational infrastructure expanded from three to eight members. In the same year, we also secured several partnerships with entities such as Toronto Community Housing, Afro Canadian Business Network, and Toronto Community Benefits Network. And Npower Canada


The organizational capacity is expanding, securing exceptional talent and equipping the organization with a robust core team. In the same year, three grant applications were submitted, resulting in approval for the Tropicana capacity building grant, which positions the organization among the distinguished award recipients.


Our program infrastructure is also soaring to new heights by integrating novel workforce training, employment programs, construction, skilled trades, IT, coding and web development, as well as customer service training

Meet our President


As an institutional framework, we are striving to pioneer innovative employment
training solutions, reducing red tape and providing more inclusive, accessible
employment training for local community members in the city of Toronto.

Help our youth realize their potential

Embark on a journey of empowerment and impact by sponsoring the youth of 29 Roots in their pursuit of meaningful careers. Your support transcends financial assistance; it becomes a catalyst for transformation, unlocking potential, and fostering dreams. Together, we can shape futures, break barriers, and cultivate a generation of empowered individuals who will not only find fulfilling careers but also contribute positively to our collective future. Join us in creating a ripple effect of opportunities, making a lasting difference in the lives of these young minds as they navigate the path to success and self-discovery. Your sponsorship is more than an investment; it’s a powerful statement that echoes the belief in the boundless potential of our youth.

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