Meet Our Leadership

Michael Laidley, Founder/President

I am a true leader and innovator of humanistic system design and technology. As a millennial program creator, teacher and coach I aim to develop and introduce programs that adequately equip youth with knowledge and skillsets to function optimally in career based employment. 

I have been facilitating youth programs for the inner-city GTA for over 6 years. Also a former Motivational Speaker and Life Coach at (Breaking The Cycle: Stop The Violence Tour) Initiated by TDSB in 2007. Alumni Youth Board Cabinet Member of the Lawrence heights community. Also, in the year of 2018 I was selected to speak for safe schools TDSB program (gang intervention solutions).

This year I have  begun a new journey by collaborating the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired within the youth industry, to develop a strategic system that enables vulnerable youth transitional access into the canadian job labour markets.

With economic challenges on the horizon we are building a platform where youth will have the ability for equal inclusion and equitable job opportunities across Canada.

 I believe that teaching young people how to build sustainable wealth that is honestly earned through the development of skills and focus, we can shape a future built on integrity vs entitlement.

Michael Laidley

Ken Gray, Vice-President

Growing up in high-risk communities created a strong sense of justice and fairness in Ken. He has a strong desire to help others have opportunities that he didn’t have.

Ken has lead and been a mentor in various organizations, such as Camp Jumoke, Positive Impact, and the Toronto Youth Detention Centre, Ken brings a high level of executive and digital marketing experience to 29 Roots. Ken is a well respected and sought after corporate trainer and consultant. You can connect with Ken on LinkedIn to learn more.

Richard Haldane, Associate Director

Richard is a goal-driven individual who is inspired by taking on new challenges. He is a very approachable and inclusive individual who presents with a calm demeanor allowing him to readily assist those in need and/or crisis. His sincere compassion for the clientele that he serves is made evident by witnessing their interaction. He is one to collaborate with his clients in search of client-centered solutions to barriers.

As a life coach, Richard uses a holistic approach and philosophy which maintains that all domains of life are connected. From career issues, personal changes or challenges, professional dilemmas to struggles in personal relationships, everything in life is part of a close connected web. Problems in one domain negatively affect the more stable domains. I help my clients find a new balance in life in the face of new challenges. 

Richard’s goal as a life coach is to build a collaborative relationship with his clients and help them step-by-step in the process of bringing meaningful improvement through their own thoughts and actions. 

At the heart of life coaching lies the humanistic belief that we have the power to control our lives through a positive change in being and doing which starts from within us all. 

Are you ready…Let’s begin.

John Campbell, Program Facilitation Designer

John Campbell is a Youth Engagement Coordinator and Program Design Strategist specializing in peer mentorship styled program facilitation with an emphasis on personal development and community giveback. He has worked internationally, nationally, provincially, and municipally with organizations such as Ryerson University, Defence for Children International, Toronto Community Housing, Health Canada, Office of the Provincial Advocate for children And Youth among others. He has created culturally specific youth programs addressing access to education, peer mentoring, healthy relationship building and life skill attainment utilizing Hip Hop Literacy and current events based pedagogies rooted in anti-oppression and child rights-based approaches.