Youth Services

29 Roots has two major training and personal development programs for youth.

Our programs are specifically geared toward…

  • Youth Living in Homecare
  • Youth Incarcerated/youth justices’ system
  • Youth not attending school
  • Youth not working

#1 Transitional Life-skills Training

The 29 Roots Life-skills Training service is designed to help youth who are facing socio-economic barriers or mental health challenges, transition from their current state into one that maximizes their potential. Our trained and caring staff aid participants in developing self-esteem and transferrable life-skills as they become independent, and productive adults.

#2 Career Development Skills Training

Our modules have distinct proprietary processes to systematically move youth into sustainable employment outcomes. Each program gives participants the time and supports they need to change from their current condition to one that empowers their betterment. Our quantifiable measurements allows us to tailor and deliver our programs at scale for youth of varying backgrounds in Canada.

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