29 Roots

Youth Employment Services

Unique Inclusive Success

Youth Support

Our experienced team of counsellors, social workers and mentors work along side each youth to provide wholistic support for success.

Skills Development

29 Roots has various programs to discover and equip each youth to excel in an identified skilled-trade, occupation or entrepreneurial endeavour.

Employability Training

Our intake process and assessments help identify learning gaps and learning styles so each youth gets the exact help  they truly need.

Program Design

29 Roots works closely with each partner organization to design innovative and appropriate programs to meet the specific objectives of each organization.


Entrepreneurship is a desired path for many youths. Our mentors and coaches help foster and grow ideas into legitimate businesses.

What We Do

1. Program Design and Facilitation

Our team of relateable professionals can help you design and facilitate programs that reach and impact youth for meaningful, long-term change, and success.

2. Employability Skills Development

We help youth build and develop good communication, critical thinking, leadership, patience, reliability, adaptability, teamwork, and dependability skills so they can be confident in taking initiative toward the achievement of the goals.

3. Detailed Reporting and Accountability

29 Roots is a results based organization that uses clearly defined OKRs (objectives and key results) for accountability. Each committee, staff, program participant is required to report, in detail, what they plan to do as well as who will be involved and how, in order to accomplish their objectives.

4. Peer Guidance Counselling

Whenever possible we connect program participants with one or more peers who help guide, counsel, and encourage youth to stay on track. Our Peer Counsellors are university students and camp leaders who have a positive outlook and more than three years of experience working with youth.

5. Mentorship and Coaching

Sometimes, all someone needs to change their life is someone in their corner to guide and encourage them along their journey. We have decades of experience connecting professionals and peers to youth needing extra motivation and accountability to change their lives.

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